Frost Monitoring

This is a crucial time of year – as vines reach budburst and soft tissue starts to grow, the threat of frost is the number one concern we hear from growers. Balancing the cost of deploying frost protection against the risk of severe damage if left unprotected is one of the hardest decisions you’ll need to manage through the season.

We created the Terraprima Ladybird to give you a clear understanding of temperature at all the key areas of your site. Unlike a traditional weatherstation, the Terraprima system deploys multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity and light, so you can see what is happening in greater detail than ever before.

Continuous monitoring means that you can watch the extremes of temperature in the vineyard as they happen and make an informed decision for each part of the vineyard.


Historic data lets you see which areas tend to cool first, so if you do need to light bougies you can prioritise the coldest spots.


Terraprima’s intuitive online dashboard makes it easy to get the information you need on the phone or a laptop;

SMS or email alerts will let you know when you need to act.

Special Reader Offer

Smaller Vineyards

Larger Vineyards

2 Terraprima Ladybirds

1 year dashboard subscription

Indoor wireless hotspot* (Range ~150m)

4 Terraprima Ladybirds

1 year dashboard subscription

Long range outdoor hotspot* (Range 2-3km)

£575 (Save £100)

£1499 (Save £275)

After year 1, the dashboard subscription costs just £9.50/month per Ladybird

*We use LoraWAN wireless technology, giving us long range and long battery life (typically 2-3 years+) to minimise ongoing cost of sensors. 

The indoor hotspot needs power and either Wifi or Ethernet access to the internet, while the outdoor hotspot can use either 3G/4G or a cabled connection to your internet router.

To order, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. The system is extremely flexible so if you need a different configuration just tell us, we’ll be happy to discuss other options.

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