Making farms visible and predictable

We help to reduce crop waste and increase profitability and sustainability of the agricultural ecosystem.

Meet TerraPrima's Ladybird

The TerraPrima Ladybird empowers farmers with a simple, affordable and turnkey solution that de-risks their operations and extracts more value from the crop. The environmental data gathered from the device allows farmers to predict disease and improve yields, informs them about the right time to harvest and plan related logistics, and automates farm tasks based on real-time crop needs.


Terraprima sensors installed next to the plants collect environmental and soil data.


Bespoke Machine Learning models predict crop growth conditions, diseases and crop harvest.


Recommendations and alerts delivered via dashboard, SMS, email. Live & historical data.


Intelligent automation (irrigation & ventilation). Specific tasks delivered to robots in the future.


Predict & Plan Harvesting

Know number of pickers required & when. Prioritise harvesting areas.

Improve Yield

TerraPrima has demonstrated large yield increases. Read our blog to learn more.

Predict & Plan Logistics

Optimise food shelf-life. Meet buyer product specs for better pricing.

Reduce Input Costs

Be sustainable! Reduce the use of pesticides through disease prediction. Optimise use of water.


Reduce intensive work with intelligent automation of irrigation & ventilation, based on crop needs.

Peace of Mind

It's like having a battalion of workers & agronomist constantly taking care of your crops!


Increased yield. Streamlined operations and management. Reduced waste, healthier crops. Effective labour management.

Pack Houses

Optimise storage conditions. Possibility to book produce since pre-harvest. Data feed for demand and capacity management algos.


Supply chain optimisation. Competitive pricing. Improve quality and extend shelf life. Supply and demand matching.

We support sustainable agriculture and food production. The TerraPrima Ladybird decreases inputs and reduces CO2 emissions. We work towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Want to know more?

You can find detailed specifications of the TerraPrima Ladybird and a full description of our dashboard features in our brochure.



In-situ sensing and actuation devices. Includes air temperature, relative humidity, light, soil moisture and soil temperature sensors.

Compatible with Delta-T soil moisture and temperature probe (not included). Batteries and wall mounting plate included.


with Soil Sensor Add-on

In-situ sensing and actuation devices. Includes air temperature, relative humidity, light, soil moisture and soil temperature sensors.

Delta-T SM150T soil probe and cable included. Batteries and wall mounting plate included.


Allows Ladybirds to access the internet and send data collected to the cloud infrastructure. Includes power cable antennas and Wi-Fi module.


Access to dashboard, data, SMS and e-mail alerts. Includes hardware and software maintenance and technical support.


Yes, they are as tough as it gets! They’re specially designed to withstand UV, water and dust.

You’re most likely trying to install it in a bunker! This means the Ladybird is not able to wirelessly communicate with the TerraPrima Gateway. Please find another location for the device and perform the power-on procedure again.

Yes, you surely can. Please contact us at [email protected]

This service will be available in Q2 2021.

If you’re growing food inside poly-tunnels then our recommendation is 2 devices per poly-tunnel – one close to the door and another in the middle of the tunnel.

For outdoor applications and prior to any installation, we recommend a free assessment of the farm by our scientific team to minimise the number of devices required and thus reduce the costs for you. However, the guideline is that areas of the farm with different elevation, soil type, water availability and disease resistance require at least 2 devices.

Our devices use normal AA batteries. You may find them in normal supermarket, electronics stores or even online.

Yes, you have total access to the raw data collected from the field. You can easily download it from our dashboard.

Our Ladybirds currently support: Delta-T SM150T. For other sensors, please contact us at [email protected]


Working along side leading academic institutions, growers and agronomists, Terraprima's R&D team is continuously pushing the boundaries of sensor development, cloud architecture, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Creating a more sustainable agriculture and food production eco-system for the future.

Thanks for your interest!