Terraprima Ladybird

Better environmental monitoring and forecasting for growers

Farmer, meet Ladybird

The Ladybird was born to give growers the information they need to manage their crops for the conditions in any given season. From protecting against yield limiting factors such as excess heat or cold, combatting pests and diseases, or managing soil moisture, the Ladybird is an affordable, extendable solution that reduces risk and helps you get the most from your crop.
Terraprima brings together accurate environmental monitoring with a climate forecast for your crop, even in polytunnels. We calculate Growing Degree Hours, predict disease pressure, and measure soil moisture so that you can refine your irrigation schedules for the current conditions.
Configurable SMS and Email alerts mean that you can relax knowing that if conditions exceed your chosen thresholds, you'll be alerted in plenty of time to act.


Terraprima sensors installed next to the plants collect environmental and soil data.


Machine Learning Algorithms forecast pest and disease pressure and harvest date.


Recommendations and alerts delivered via dashboard, SMS, email. Live & historical data.


Improve Yield

Improve temperature management and reduce pest & disease impact.

Treat at the Right Time

Better timing makes biological & conventional treatments more effective.

Improve Sale Prices

Optimise crop quality and harvest date to meet spec and get the best prices

Reduce Input Costs

Optimise water usage and reduce leaching. Time your crop protection for maximum benefit

Predict & Plan Harvest

Know number of pickers required & when. Prioritise harvesting areas.

Peace of Mind

24/7 monitoring and alerts mean you can relax, knowing that conditions are being monitored for you.

We support sustainable agriculture and food production. The TerraPrima Ladybird helps optimise input use and reduce CO2 emissions. We work towards the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Want to know more?

You can find detailed specifications of the TerraPrima Ladybird and a full description of our dashboard features in our brochure.



In-situ sensing and actuation devices. Includes air temperature, relative humidity, light, soil moisture and soil temperature sensors.

Compatible with Delta-T soil moisture and temperature probe (not included). Batteries and wall mounting plate included.


with Soil Sensor Add-on

In-situ sensing and actuation devices. Includes air temperature, relative humidity, light, soil moisture and soil temperature sensors.

Delta-T SM150T soil probe and cable included. Batteries and wall mounting plate included.


Allows Ladybirds to access the internet and send data collected to the cloud infrastructure. Includes power cable antennas and Wi-Fi module.


Access to dashboard, data, SMS and e-mail alerts. Includes hardware and software maintenance and technical support.


Yes, they are as tough as it gets! They’re specially designed to withstand UV, water and dust.

Yes, we love customer feedback! Please contact us at [email protected]

No, but your agronomist can access your data at no additional charge

Yes, you have total access to the raw data collected from the field. You can easily download it from our dashboard.

If you’re growing food inside poly-tunnels then our recommendation is 2 devices per poly-tunnel – one close to the door and another in the middle of the tunnel.

For outdoor applications and prior to any installation, we recommend a free assessment of the farm by our scientific team to minimise the number of devices required and thus reduce the costs for you. However, the guideline is that areas of the farm with different elevation, soil type, water availability and disease resistance require at least 2 devices.

Our devices use normal AA batteries. You may find them in normal supermarket, electronics stores or even online.

Our Ladybirds currently support: Delta-T SM150T. For other sensors, please contact us at [email protected]


Working along side leading academic institutions, growers and agronomists, Terraprima's R&D team is continuously pushing the boundaries of sensor development, cloud architecture, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Creating a more sustainable agriculture and food production eco-system for the future.

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