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Easy to use integrated crop management system to ensure high crop yields and quality.

Meet TerraPrima's Ladybird

The TerraPrima Ladybird empowers farmers with a simple, affordable and turnkey solution that de-risks their operations and extracts more value from the crop. The environmental data gathered from the device allows farmers to predict disease and improve yields, informs them about the right time to harvest and plan related logistics, and automates farm tasks based on real-time crop needs.


Terraprima sensors installed next to the plants collect environmental and soil data.


Bespoke Machine Learning models predict crop growth conditions, diseases and crop harvest.


Recommendations and alerts delivered via dashboard, SMS, email. Live & historical data.


Intelligent automation (irrigation & ventilation). Specific tasks delivered to robots in the future.

Dashboard Features

The TerraPrimas dashboard is the command centre of your growing experience. The dashboard can be accessed via smartphone or computer. Notifications and forecasts are customised specifically for Viticulture. Good crop management can increase ripeness and quality of grapes and the general health of your vineyard.

Daily Statistics

Daily Statistics give you a detailed view of intra-day collected data in your entire farm. For each Ladybird in the field you can see all tracked quantities throughout the day. It’s like being able to virtually walk around your farm and probe when and what you care about, every few minutes, everywhere!


TerraPrima developed bespoke algorithms that generate unique predictions and recommendations for each farm. All predictions are clearly shown on the dashboard and are easy to navigate. You will be able to view Environmental, Weather & Soil Forecast, Picking Time and Risk of Disease.

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You can find detailed specifications of the TerraPrima Ladybird and a full description of our dashboard features in our brochure.

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