Our solution for

Soft Fruit

Optimise your management with accurate monitoring of your covered crop environment

Temperature Management

Use a forecast powered by machine learning to predict the exact temperature at the crop and respond accordingly. Protect against late frost, or manage ventilation to prevent overheating.
Track progress with Growing Degree Calculators and use temperature to influence harvest timing


Ladybird (Air Temperature, Humidity)

Leaf Wetness/Temperature

Crop Protection

Monitor Powdery Mildew and Botrytis pressure with our forecast tools, and react early.
Biological treatments for soft fruit need the right conditions for best results - use monitored and forecast data to get the best value from your investment


Ladybird (Air Temperature, Humidity)

Leaf Wetness/Temperature

Irrigation Management

Moisture management is key to avoid excessive runoff, costing money in water and lost inputs.
Add a Soil Sensor to your Ladybird and monitor moisture whatever substrate you use.
Continuous soil monitoring allows you to refine your irrigation schedule with confidence


Ladybird (Air Temperature, Humidity)

Soil Moisture

Dashboard Features

The TerraPrimas dashboard is the command centre of your growing experience. The dashboard can be accessed via smartphone or computer. Notifications and forecasts are customised specifically for soft fruit and individual varieties to ensure the right decision support can be provided for your individual requirements. Good water management can save 40% of water.

Daily Statistics

Daily Statistics give you a detailed view of intra-day collected data in your entire farm. For each Ladybird in the field you can see all tracked quantities throughout the day. It’s like being able to virtually walk around your farm and probe when and what you care about, every few minutes, everywhere!


TerraPrima developed bespoke algorithms that generate unique predictions and recommendations for each farm. All predictions are clearly shown on the dashboard and are easy to navigate. You will be able to view Environmental, Weather & Soil Forecast, Picking Time and Risk of Disease.

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